New Year's Resolution

At the end of November 1930 Emily Carr wrote in her journal Hundred and Thousands:  “Yesterday I went to town and bought this book to enter scraps in, not a diary of statistics and dates…but just to jot me down in, unvarnished me…It seems to me it helps to write things and thoughts down…It sorts out jumbled up thoughts and helps to clarify them…”

May Emily Carr sit on my shoulder this year – nudging and poking and prodding me into journalising.   I have the book, since I have collected journals over the years with good intentions.  I have lacked the discipline.  May Emily go even further than a gentle poke or prod and threaten me:  “If you don’t write things down where do they go?  Into the lazy bog of neglected opportunities.  Thoughts we might have developed,,.actions we might have accomplished.  Inertia and deadness.”

Today is my last day of scrap paper journalism.  I have the book.  I have the good intentions.  I have written down for everyone to read my resolution.  And I will constantly remind myself of the spring morning when Emily Carr promised:  “Look what is happening in the garden this very minute.  All the little winter thoughts of it are bursting forth…Now there is a roaring hubbub, a torrent of growth gushing forth that won’t be stopped because the dear old earth has nursed and treasured her thoughts deep down in the winter quiet.  Now they are paying her back gloriously.”

Quoted from Hundreds and Thousands:  The Journal of Emily Carr