Marion enjoys meeting with people of all ages, reading from her work, exchanging ideas and inspiring them in theirs.

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Group and School Presentations

If You Can Talk You Can Write is not only the title of Marion Brooker’s presentations but it is a philosophy she imparts enthusiastically to the groups with which she is involved.  Since Marion’s writing spans not only all genres but also all age levels, she is equally at home in the classroom as in adult interest and discussion groups.  Her visits are filled with fun, information and plenty of audience involvement.

Marion brings to life her sense of our heritage as portrayed in Noreen and the Amazing No-Good Horse – the story of a young girl growing up on the farm during the 1930’s and 1940’s complete with vans upsetting in snowdrifts and a no-good horse with an itchy rump.  Her most recent book Hold The Oxo!  A Teenage Soldier Writes Home intertwines excerpts from her uncle’s letters home to his family during WW1 with the events happening in the developing country, Canada – part memoir, part history.

Her picture book Tadeo’ s Search For Circles, illustrated by her daughter Kyrsten Brooker, allows Marion to bring to life with examples an appreciation of the creation of picture books from author to illustrator to bookshelf. 

Marion Brooker believes writing is fun and to be shared.

“You don’t have to have an earth-shaking idea to write,” Brooker explains. “It’s what you do with the idea that makes it special.” 


A Grade III student’s opinion:  You rock at writing.  I hope you come again to our school!