Photo: Mufty Matthewson

Photo: Mufty Matthewson


Marion Brooker would like to think it was her story in Grade III about a mother skunk and its little family of baby skunks which she encountered each morning on her way to school that launched her writing career.  In spite of winning a prize, a wooden plaque of Pretty Flower, her writing career stalled.

It was not until as a stay-at-home mom with four small children, Marion pursued her writing career more seriously.   Two of her great interests – children and education – melded with her writing for Educational Radio through CKUA in Alberta and later Access radio.   Her early radio writing was dramas for Opportunity Classes, which had only recently been established in the school system.  The scope of her educational writing expanded into dramas of history, human interest and personal development contents for Grades I – XII accompanied by Teacher Guides.  Marion’s interest in education and particularly in young people is still satisfied by frequent author visits to schools and through interacting with various age groups.  It excites her when youth and adults alike become excited about their stories.

After nearly two decades of writing for radio, Marion turned her interests to the printed word.  She realizes the happy memories of her childhood farm experiences influence a great deal of her more recent writing.  Noreen and The Amazing No-Good Horse is a fictionalized version of her early years attending the one room school.   It was from her childhood home, which her grandparents had built, that Jim, her uncle, left when he joined the Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders as an underage soldier to serve in World War 1.  Marion has used his letters home as a basis for her latest book Hold The Oxo!  A Teenage Soldier Writes Home, which intertwines what is happening in the young country Canada with Jim’s experiences on the war front.

The high point of Marion’s writing career was with the publication of the picture book Tadeo’s Search for Circles in collaboration with illustrator Kyrsten Brooker, her daughter.

The high point of her personal career is having enjoyed over 60 years with her husband, Elmer, and being surrounded with the friendship and love of her adult children, nine grandchildren and their various pets.